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          德国蟒蛇 JIB

          HiFi秀 | 2016-1-29

          JIB-Germany“蟒蛇”的创始人Jurgen Isaak Bauer 既是一名出色的音响工程师, ?#36136;?#19968;位狂热的音响发烧友。蟒蛇的诞生历经其十余年的专业削琢,力求挑战发烧界挑剔、苛刻、力求完美的最高境界。产品外观神秘而奢华形如蟒蛇, 尖端技术和顶级材料的完美结合令其传感细腻、声音通透让听者无法抗拒仿佛吹弹即破,音震感、层次感、定位感、空气感、透明感、弹跳力…蟒蛇的霸气聆听无遗!


          JIB-Germany以生产高级Hi-Fi 及家庭影院音视频线材在欧洲久负盛名, 其总部位于以追求严谨标准近乎苛刻而著名的德国首?#21450;?#26519;,JIB-Germany知名Hi-Fi线材(?#30340;?#20197;“蟒蛇”著称)在欧洲、美国、加拿大、日?#23613;?#28595;洲等地区稳踞Hi-Fi至尊席位。在世界的?#25239;?#32858;焦中国的2009年,JIB-Germany系列Hi-Fi产品随着夏季的热带飓风登陆中国市场并迅速抢占了高端音、视频线材的中国市场。


          JIB-Germany“蟒蛇”的创始人 ? Jurgen Isaak Bauer 既是一名出色的音响工程师, ?#36136;?#19968;位狂热的音响发烧友。蟒蛇的诞生历经其十余年的专业削琢,力求挑战发烧界挑剔、苛刻、力求完美的最高境界。产品外观神秘而奢华形如蟒蛇, 尖端技术和顶级材料的完美结合令其传感细腻、声音通透让听者无法抗拒仿佛吹弹即破,音震感、层次感、定位感、空气感、透明感、弹跳力…蟒蛇的霸气聆听无遗!


          “蟒蛇”的导体构成?? OCC (6N 99.9999%单晶无氧铜)、99.9997%纯金、纯银?#24179;稹?#32431;银,保证信号传输的纯度而避免音质失真,如蟒蛇般稀有;


          “蟒蛇”的屏蔽构成?? 高?#24503;识?#23618;屏蔽保护信号免受干扰,外被高级环保PVC并增加高密度、柔韧的顶级尼龙网,如蟒蛇般华贵。JIB-Germany相关登陆产品:高级Hi-Fi及家庭影院连接线, HDMI、DVI, DisplayPort等高级高清连接线。作为国际HDMI协会会?#20445;?JIB-Germany且已取得1.2V, 1.3V 及 1.4V ATC 等权威证书,并已获得CE, CES, UL, THX, SPE, ROHS等证书, 产品拥有多个技术及外观专利并获多个影音产品奖项。


          JIB-Germany的经营理念是:“以尖端的音响技术, 精致细微的做工,完美高贵的音质,带给音响发烧友至高无上的享受!”


          About Us

          In 1990 JIB began its story as a company in Berlin (Germany) because its founder Jurgen Isaac Bauer, very fond of classical music, decided to create his first cables for personal use.

          His peculiar cable was able to change the way to listen to music: the musical information is transferred without any alteration, keeping its original electrical feature. Year after year, the experience accumulated let the company create products of a very high quality level.

          From that moment, JIB started a very wide production of cables which goes from Hi-End to video and data transmission, keeping a very high quality standard.

          According to this philosophy, JIB still realizes audio cables with high sound quality and constantly gets excellent results.

          The production of the BoaAcustic series in 2012 turned out to be the symbol of the company, which today exports its products all over the world and is commented by the critics and the public to be a leader.

          Pacetech is the European distributor of this company and has guaranteed JIB-CABLE for 5 years.

          JIB meets its public in many events which usually take place in Europe, America, Asia and especially Japan, where its audio cables are particularly appreciated.


          An endless search for purity sound combined with the most modern technological processes let us obtain excellent audio-performance results.


          The new JIB factory in Berlin. Cable assembly process and quality control are carried out with the most modern computer systems.

          Copper-made and silver-made cables manufacturing process is mainly realized in Germany. Copper is purchased in the United States, where its purity and its primary stage processing are well-known all over the world.

          Cables manufacturing process is carried out in aseptic environments in order to guarantee the highest purity of the materials.

          Ultraviolet light is commonly used during this process in order to remove impurities which may affect the final result.

          Cable-connector assembly process is realized through means of peculiar machines, especially used for cutting conductor’s section and welding it on connectors through means of a peculiar alloy made of Tin and Silver.

          Connectors are of utmost importance, as they create a real contact between the cable and the audio system. JIB personally manufactures each one of them in its lab and its final goal is to obtain the minimum contact resistance.

          Qualified personnel is responsible for cable manufacturing process.

          WBT ? SILVER SOLDER: for the welding between cables and connectors JIB uses a special alloy by WBT made of Silver (4%) and Lead-free Tin.  With a melting temperature of 219°C , contact resistance is practically absent obtaining a superior sound performance.

          Technology used in cables manufacturing process

          The technology used in cables manufacturing process guarantees a superior conductivity of the material and an excellent shielding free from impurities.


          • - 成立时间:1990
          • - 所属国家:德国
          • - 创 始 人:JurgenIsaacBauer
          • - 官 网: www.jib-germany.de
          • - 地 址:AmLuckefeld83-15831Mahlow-Germany
          • - 电 话:00493070762768
          • - 邮 件:[email protected]
          • - 微 博:http://weibo.com/u/2295996387
          • - 微 信:13923368158
          • + 关 注

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